Creative Sync can handle any size job from thirty second spots and web audio to episodic television and feature films. Wether you need a few sounds for your edit session, something to go with your web animation, or a team of editors and mixers to complete a feature film, Creative Sync has the setup and the experience to manage the job.

Richard Achor has over thirty years experience working on projects ranging from major label albums, to network series, and feature films. It's a boutique environment so every project gets attention to detail in the management of workflow and the creative process.

The recording studio is designed to accommodate music tracking sessions, voice over recording, ADR, and foley. The control room has a calibrated 5.1 monitor system, and a rack full of modern and vintage microphone preamps and analog processors. Typically a private FTP account is setup for clients and projects that need secure file transfer. Creative Sync also has a readily available video streaming capability to post video for review.

By the hour, by the day, or by the project, Creative Sync works with each client in structuring a bid that meets both the specific needs of the project and the budgeted resources.