Hey There,

I'm Richard Achor and Creative Sync is the company umbrella that I operate my audio services under. Although Creative Sync is a corporation and has met vendor requirements for many networks, studios and producers, it is basically me and a couple close friends and collaborators who are the core personnel.

The Creative Sync studio is located on my five-acre residential property, about a half-hour drive west of downtown Orlando Florida. You can see and hear the nightly fireworks at Walt Disney World from my backyard.

The studio features a Pro Tools HD system, a calibrated 5.1 monitor system in the control room and a small but very good sounding recording space that works great for voice over, foley and music tracking. Also included is a nice array of microphones and preamps, both vintage and modern.

Please check out the Studio link for photos of the studio. We do a lot of distance collaborating using various internet services depending on the requirements. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

For even more information and news about Creative Sync visit Postcards From Creative Sync